How we started.

In July 2018, 27 members from the independently run Shrewsbury Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club climbed the O2 in London to raise money for their chosen military-related charity, Blesma. They had a 9-year old dependant, an 81-year old ex RAF police dog handler and a hairy ex RE guy with no legs, what could go wrong! Absolutely nothing. It was a truly fabulous weekend.

The O2 climb has been their biggest event to date. Not only did they raise a fabulous amount, just over £11,000 for their 2018 charity, but they all had great fun together whilst doing it; continuing the fun well into the early hours of the following morning back at the Union Jack Club.

Inspired by the O2 Challenge the Head & Founder of the club, remembering the fun that was had in the 2018 O2 Climb, came up with an idea of how they could expand the challenge, to further include other veterans/veteran’s clubs/military organisations together in a big fundraiser for 2019.

The idea was to organise an annual ‘Veterans Challenge’.

Veterans/veterans’ clubs/military organisations and their families would be invited to sign up, and those wishing to get involved would be taking part in the same challenge, at the same time, for the same chosen charity/organisation, but at their different locations around the world. Essentially, uniting veterans in a fun, social event whilst raising funds via the challenge because ‘Together We Achieve More’.

And so, to enable this, the ‘We Are Veterans’ Challenge was created.

‘We Are Veterans’ is registered as a Community Interest Company. Company number 11912546.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'We Are Veterans'?

‘We Are Veterans’ is a CIC (company number 11912546) which coordinates annual fundraising events that not only raise money for military-related charities but brings veterans of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, serving members, their families and friends together in fun social events.

How do I get involved?

We want you to have a great time whilst taking part in the ‘2021 Big Challenge’ and that’s why we recommend registering a team or joining a team.

If you are Team Captain registering a team you will need to complete the online registration form and supply us with the name of your team, what your event is, your event venue address, the name of all your team members as well as their email addresses.

We require all of their email addresses so that we can send each of them their own digital fundraising pack.

By registering as a team captain, you are agreeing to be a point of contact for all your team members. If you have chosen to register an ‘Open Team’ other individuals will be able to join your team.

Teams will be listed on the website. This will enable individuals to find and join your team. You may wish to create a new email address specifically for this event so that we can put new members wishing to join your team in touch with you.

If you do not wish others to join your team, please ensure you have ticked the box on the registration form.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. Registration is £5 per person. This fee is payable at the end of the registration.

If you are a Team Captain, the fee payable will be calculated at the end of your team registration.

‘We Are Veterans’ C.I.C is run by a group of volunteer veterans. The fee for your registration is used to generate funds needed for ongoing administration costs, such as website maintenance, web hosting, accountancy fees, and general administration costs.

Do I need any insurance for my '2021 Big Challenge' event?

Check that your chosen venue has Public Liability Insurance. If they don’t then you may want to consider taking out some form of event insurance.

Please Note – ‘We Are Veterans’ cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by you or anyone else as a result of taking part in the ‘2021 Big Challenge’.

How do I set up my Just Giving page?

There is a complete guide to setting up your JG page and how to link it to the ‘We Are Veterans 2021 Big Challenge’ team page in your digital fundraising pack. Team Just Giving pages will be set up for each team by ‘We Are Veterans’.

How much of the donated money does We Are Veterans get?


‘We Are Veterans’ does not handle any of the chosen charities donated funds. All donated money goes through our Just Giving page just to enable us to keep a count of how much money has been raised for our chosen charity under the ‘We Are Veterans’ umbrella.  

Once a donation is made to your Just Giving page the money flies past our ‘We Are Veterans’ team’s metaphorical window where the figure is logged on the totals board, before continuing its merry way to the chosen charity’s bank account.

How much do I have to raise for the 2021 chosen charity?

As the Big Challenge this year is to help us raise the £20,021 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers then we need you to raise as much as you possibly can. Once you have raised £100 we will send you a commemorative t-shirt. Teams will need each of their team members to raise £100 before they get their t-shirt.

Is there a limit of how many people can be in my team?

No. You can have as many team members as you please. However, please check with your chosen venue as they may have limits.

I’ve already registered my team, but someone else wants to join it, what should I do?

That’s not a problem. Just ask them to register as an individual on our website and type in the name of your team when prompted on the registration page.

The event is over a 48 hour period, how long do I have to do?

Your event must take place and be completed between between 20:21 hrs on Friday 1st October 2021 and 20:21 hrs on Sunday 3rd October 2021. Your challenge should take place over a 24-hour period within the time frame set out.

What is the 2021 Big Challenge?

This year, 2021, our Big Challenge to you is to help us raise £20,021 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a military charity which supports children and young people who have lost a parent whilst serving in the British Armed Forces.

All you need to take part is some balls and stamina to complete the challenge.