Welcome to the We Are Veterans 2020 Challenge.

After a successful 2019 Big Challenge in which we saw teams clocking up mileage on a virtual road to Kabul, we thought that we would let ‘YOU’ choose ‘how’ you want to raise money for the 2020 chosen charity, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, voted for by team members who took part in the 2019 Big Challenge.

Our 2020 Big Challenge will begin at 20:20hrs on 2nd October and end at 20:20hrs on the 4th October 2020. Your event can cover the entire 48 hours if you wish, or it can cover an hour, just so long as it is between the start and finish time of the challenge dates.

Your fundraising event can be as weird and wacky as you like, but it must also be themed around 2020. If you have a fundraising idea that you think folk will donate to then do it!

The event itself is going to be the easy bit, the challenge, however, won’t be as easy as our 2020 Big Challenge to you is to help us raise £20,020 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers. Raising the funds for them, with a 2020 themed event, is your Big Challenge this year.

So, once you have decided ‘how’ you are going to raise funds for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, you will need to register yourself or your team on this website. After which we will send you a digital fundraising pack and then it is up to you how you promote your event to raise lots of cash for Scotty’s Little Soldiers. Beg, borrow and be creative, whether you are Army, Navy or Royal Air Force you will be able to do at least one or all three.

Out of fundraising ideas?

If you are out of ideas on how to raise funds this year, pick up the phone, call all your buddies and get to the pub. Order a round and get your heads together. All the best ideas come to us over a few pints of gin…errr beer.

In the unlikely event that this method should fail then here are a few ideas for you:

Knitathon – Scarf knitting marathon…knit 2020 of them.
Firewalking – Google it, it’s a thing.
Triathlon – 24 hours indoor or outdoors, should appeal to the Marines.
Bake 2020 cakes – Sell them to the boys doing the knitathon.
Climb a mountain – Everest is nice this time of year.
Break a World Record in 2020 – Most crayons eaten is a good one for the Army.
Parachute Jump – Errr Why???
Gin tasting event – The RAF will be queued up around the corner.
Three-legged yomp – Chose your partner wisely.
Raft Race – Talent competition for the Matelots.

Shrewsbury Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club team are planning a basketball hoop marathon were their target is 2,020 goals in 24 hours.

Seriously, whatever you chose to do have fun with it. Make it a great event. Wear fancy-dress, put on a bbq, stick on some tunes, just have a great time and help us raise a serious amount of wonga.

If you are utilising a venue to host your event don’t forget to check that it has Public Liability Insurance. If they don’t then you may want to consider taking out some form of event insurance.

We Are Veterans cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by you or anyone else as a result of taking part in the 2020 Big Challenge.

Have fun and raise funds because Together We Achieve More

We want you to have fun whilst taking part in the 2020 Big Challenge, which is why we recommend signing up a team or, if you are an individual, joining a team.
As part of a team, you’re going to get a bellyful of military banter. There’s going to be camaraderie, fun and no doubt a lot of leg-pulling.

Be creative with your event. Throw an after-show party, have a BBQ, crank the music up, wear fancy dress (keep the Navy happy), get a bouncy castle for the kids. Whatever you like to make your event as fun as possible for everyone, just keep it simple so the Army can play along too.

We Are Veterans isn’t just about raising funds for military and military-related charities, it’s about bringing veterans, serving personnel and their families together.

Have you registered?

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