The Veterans’ Orthopaedic Centre


The Veterans’ Orthopaedic Centre located in the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital in Shropshire, is the first of its kind open to all those who have served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, including those who completed National Service.

It currently delivers two outpatient clinics per month, mostly treating arthritic lower limb problems, in particular, hip and knee replacements.

The VOC want to expand the current Veterans Service and build a purpose-built centre to provide a dedicated environment specifically designed for the care of its patients. The expanded service will be able to offer a whole range of orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation which will also be connected to other healthcare services.

The new centre will be designed and built to the highest standards with the veteran in mind.

It will be a modern, state of the art facility, with a military feel which will enable veterans to feel more relaxed and comfortable in a more familiar environment.

The service is led by Lt Col Carl Meyer, who is a consultant military orthopaedic surgeon at the RJAH. The Lt Col and his team aim for the new facility to be the leading centre in orthopaedic care.

After being made aware of the fundraising appeal the We Are Veterans team contacted the fundraising team at the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital to find out more information.

A vote was then carried out in October 2018 between the We Are Veterans team and members of the independently run Shrewsbury Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club, who’d inspired the creation of We Are Veterans, to see which military charity would benefit from the We Are Veterans 2019 Challenge. The Veterans’ Orthopaedic Centre won by a clear majority.

In November 2018 members of the We Are Veterans team were invited to and attended the launch of the Veterans’ Orthopaedic Centre’s Fundraising Appeal in Westminster, where they met Lt Col Meyer, his team, the team behind the appeal and other supporters and patrons of the Centre.

We Are Veterans are proud to be supporting the Veterans Orthopaedic Centre in the 2019 Big Challenge, helping them to raise the funds needed to build this fabulous centre. To register to take part in the 2019 Big Challenge and help raise funds for the Veterans’ Orthopaedic Centre click here.

A note from Helen Knight, Fundraising Manager, RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital

“An appeal to fund the country’s first dedicated Veterans Orthopaedic Centre has been launched at the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital in Oswestry, to provide individualised patient care for veterans and serving military personnel.

The goal is to raise £1.5 million to help fund the UK’s first Veterans’ Orthopaedic Centre to treat veteran patients in a setting that is familiar to them and addresses their specific needs – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our relationship with ‘We Are Veterans’ is one of the reasons why they have chosen to support our appeal, but also because you have the same values in wanting to give Veteran’s the best healthcare that they deserve.

The RJAH’s ultimate aim is to further expand on the Veterans Service, currently provided, by creating a dedicated environment specifically designed for veterans’ care.

A new purpose-designed centre will be built to the highest standards and have a familiar military feel to make our veteran patients more comfortable. It will be a modern, state-of-the-art facility.

The £1.5 million target will build a Veterans’ Outpatients Department comprising of six clinic rooms, which will be part of our current Main Outpatient Department. The building will be decorated in a military fashion.

The centre will be specifically designed for veterans’ care, and to cover the whole range of orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation, connecting to other healthcare services available within the hospital.”

Helen Knight
Fundraising Manager
RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust