Welcome to the We Are Veterans 2019 Challenge.

To kick off our first ‘We Are Veterans Challenge’ we are throwing down the gauntlet and inviting you to get involved with an event that will take place over 48 hours.
The challenge will begin at noon on Friday 11th October 2019 and end at noon on Sunday 13th October and we will be hitting the virtual road to Kabul.

Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, will cover a minimum of 24 hours, however, if you want to be really gutsy, knock yourself out and do the full 48 hours. Now there’s a challenge for you!

Our starting point on the map is The National Arboretum in Staffordshire, and we’re going to the British Embassy in Kabul. That’s a whopping, as the crow flies, 3,599 miles to cover. If we want to be really cocky, let’s aim to get back home again too in time for last orders. After all, you have a whole 48 hours to play with.

So, how are we getting there?

We are going to run, walk, cycle, swim, row, roller-skate, dance, roll. Any which way that uses the awesome power of humans and doesn’t have an engine. No matter what your age or ability you can get involved in the 2019 Challenge.

Team leaders will need to record their team’s mileage and submit it to us at the end of the challenge.
If you are an individual who’s chosen not to join a team, you will also need to email us a record of your mileage.

Some Veterans, particularly RAF ones, probably won’t want to go out into the cold as this event is in October when it starts to get a bit chilly. So, contact your local Gym and ask if they will host your event indoors. Or, borrow some exercise machines and ask if your local pub will host your event (smooth huh?!) Be creative.
Failing those options, if you already have your own equipment or have been able to commandeer some, you may have other community buildings nearby available for you to use. Or you could always simply use your own front room or garden.

Don’t forget to check that your chosen venue has Public Liability Insurance. If they don’t then you may want to consider taking out some form of event insurance.

We Are Veterans cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by you or anyone else as a result of taking part in the 2019 Big Challenge.

If, like the We Are Veterans team, you’re not bothered by a bit of Autumn chill grab your bike, get your walking shoes out. Hit the roads, fields, lakes. Whatever you need to clock up those miles. Remember though, Be Safe, Be Seen!

There is everything to clock up those miles for as a trophy will be presented to the team and the individual that covers the most mileage.

Have fun and raise funds because Together We Achieve More

We want you to have fun whilst taking part in the 2019 Challenge, which is why we recommend signing up a team or, if you are an individual, joining a team. Once you have registered to take part you will be able to see where teams are in your local area if you fancy joining an existing team.
As part of a team, you’re going to get a bellyful of military banter. There’s going to be camaraderie, fun and no doubt a lot of leg pulling.
Be creative with your event. Throw an after-show party, have a BBQ, crank the music up, wear fancy dress (keep the Navy happy), get a bouncy castle for the kids. Whatever you like to make your event as fun as possible for everyone, just keep it simple so the Army can play along too.

We Are Veterans isn’t just about raising funds for military and military-related charities, it’s about bringing veterans, serving personnel and their families together.

Have you registered?

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